[e-Trad] Escola Municipal de Música Folk e Tradicional

e-Trad is a non-regulated music school in Galicia specialised in promoting the teaching and practise of ensemble traditional music from Galicia. The e-Trad covers three types of activities: traditional music teaching for amateur musicians, traditional music focused on the exercise of the musician profession performance and activities related to community music for all ages and social condition.
138 in total
Education type: Not regulated
Foundation Year: 1996
Legal form: None
Country: Spain
Town: Vigo
Address: Avda. García Barbón, nº 5 - 36201
Contact: Rodrigo Romaní
Num. Students: 294
Speciality (instruments avaliable): Celtic harp, hurdy-gurdy, fiddle, diatonic accordion, requinta, plucked string, popular singing, bagpipes, percussion,
Phone: +34 986 22 80 87
E-mail: direccion.e-trad@vigo.org
Alcaldía do Concello de Vigo ETRAD - Escola Municipal de Música Folk e Tradicional do Concello de Vigo Sibelius - Akatemia Fundación SonDeSeu Artemotiva Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drame UE. Education and culture DG. Culture Programme