AMTP Vila-seca - Aula de Música Tradicional i Popular

The Aula de Música Tradicional y Popular is a formation programme under the authority of the Culture Department. Through the Centro de Promoción de la Cultura Popular y Tradicional Catalana works on the promotion of the traditional instruments providing an artistic formation in the traditional music field. The current formative programme is based on the preservation of repertoires, instruments, performance and melodies that arrive to us from the oral tradition.
138 in total
Education type: Regulated
Legal form: None
Country: Spain
Town: Vila-seca
Address: Av. de la Generalitat, s/n., 43480 Vila-seca
Speciality (instruments avaliable): Diatonic accordion, gralla, archlute, mandolin, bandurria, flute and drum, violin
Phone: +34 676 972 170 // +34 93 215 10 69
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