Scuola Popolare di Musica Ivan Illich

Founded in 1992 by a group of people that belong to La Pantera movement. They wanted to create an "antiacademic" school that will become a place for music learning and research. The most important points of the Spmii didactics are the groupal music, improvisation practise and colective composition, as well as the attention to traditional music and music research.
138 in total
Education type: Not regulated
Foundation Year: 1992
Legal form: None
Country: Italy
Town: Bologna
Address: Via Giurolo,7 BOLOGNA (Italia)
Speciality (instruments avaliable): harmonica, baritone horn, flamenco guitar, clarinet, recorder, western concert flute, mandoline, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, viola, violoncello, violin
Phone: +39 051 357753 / 92041250371
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